6th November 2006

Fighting Spam again

SpamFor the blog, I use Akismet. It works great. But for my webcounter ??? not easy at all. So far I though it would be enough to get the list of spammers who tried to leave a comment but were block with Akismet. That was without something even funnier : some of those spammers don’t even try to leave a message full of the usual uninteresting links. Some just come over, hit a page or two and that’s it. From the blog point of view, nothing to care about. From the webcounter’s this is very annoying, especially since I’m making stats out of it. Imagine that : not only it will list countries of visitors who never existed, but on the stats page, where I have a graphic telling which page visitors were just before yours (and possibly lead to yours), it leaves some interesting link to some X-rated sites.

I guess I’ll have to find another solution. Perhaps I should have a look if I can use Akismet database to filter those too … Damn, I hate spam.
I have only one worry. Once I will have removed those spammers … will there be any actual visitors for my site ? Pleaaaaaase !

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