4th November 2006

Update 1.1

As announced earlier, I’ve reset my own webcounter, since I’ve been doing a lot of tests on it, and it has put a lot of sh*t in my database :)

I’ve changed a bit the code of the page showing the results, so that I can use wildcards while filtering bots. Very useful. Now I’m trying to find a way to get IP addresses from this anti-spam plugin, so that I can remove them from the results. It’s too slow to make it by hand.
Talking about bots and spams, I need to work on customised bot list for users. So far, everybody would be using mine. Not that it matters for now, I seem to be my only “customer” :) But I want to make things right.

I’ve made a lot of progress with stats, and many graphics are available. I’m now working on keywords from search engines.
When I’ll be finished, I’ll take a few screenshots and make a nice doc for it.

Alright, it’s late now, I’m kinda dead, good night !

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