8th February 2010


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Mauritius was good, relaxing place to finish the trip and to get rid of the traveling tiredness. We stayed there for the two last weeks of our actual big trip.
Chris’s friend Alex ended up to Madagascar around same time when Chris moved to Finland, and then later moved to Mauritius. So we went there to see him, and stayed at his friend’s place with a nice pool. As Alex was working during daytime, we mainly really slept and applied for jobs for the first week. On the weekend and during Alex’s days off we drove around the island and visited few places. Mauritius is surprisingly big island. The island is mainly French speaking, even though only 2% of inhabitants are from Europe. Creols present 27% of the population, and quite surprisingly Indians are majority with 68%. Indians were brought to the island after slavery was abolished in 1830’s.
We have definitely been spoiled during this year, as we felt that the sea temperature in Mauritius was almost cold, but nicely refreshing though. We could notice that we couldn’t appreciate anymore the sun and the sea so much after having sun nearly all the year and having visited so wonderful places for snorkeling. We actually even started to miss the cooler temperatures back in Finland! For the second week of our stay the weather was mostly cloudy and rainy. Someone said that the climate change has brought more clouds and rain also to Mauritius, same thing as in Finland. Our friend Sandrine finally got her flight attendant shifts arranged to match with our trip route, so she came to see us in Mauritius, and we spent the second last evening with her. That was really nice finish for our big trip.

Our blog doesn’t however finish yet here, we will still tell a bit about our return to Europe and back home.

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