22nd March 2009

Tahiti and Moorea

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When arriving to Tahiti, we had planned to visit Tahiti, plus some islands around, perhaps Bora Bora and Moorea. We learned that to any other island besides Moorea we would have needed to fly and it would
have of course costed quite a lot. Moorea is just half an hour boat trip away, so we decided to stay a week in Moorea and a week in Tahiti. We got advised that Moorea is nicer than Tahiti and that it is where the Tahitians go mostly on their days off/holidays.

In Moorea we rented a kind of beach cabin from a friendly family. They rent out only 3 cabins, so you have your privacy as there is not so many people around.
One day the hostess taught us how to prepare raw fish with coconut milk. It was delicious and we were happy to learn how to do it as we have eaten so good raw fish during the trip, and it is something we are
not used to. The daughter of the family also offered us interesting local fruits and drew us pictures. The cat of the family liked staying at our porch especially at eating times.
Chris was cooking and preparing breakfast nearly every day and Netta got just to be lazy. We felt strange waking up every morning very early, around six, even we didn’t have to, but here it is natural with the
sun rising and setting early. Anyway the time difference for Easter Island was four hours, so we got tired already at eight. Actually the first time we felt the time difference really.

Even though the cabin was not by the beach, we had a great location as we were only 500 meters from probably the best beach on the island. And as it is a low season here (rainy season), there were not many
people around. The weather was very favourable to us, as it didn’t rain much at all.
The beach was close to a coral reef and the water was crystal clear. We swam and snorkeled few times a day and watched beautiful fishes and corals. Unfortunately we have pictures of these only in the water-proof camera at the moment. And of course one afternoon when the film was already full, a huge ray swam right by us in only knee high water. Chris tried to find one again the following day, but only saw a smaller one which he hopefully caught on a camera. One day we rented a scooter and drove around the island. Amazing week.

In Tahiti we were lucky, as we got to stay five last nights in a brand new 4-star hotel for really cheap price. It had been opened only a week earlier, and was not completely finished, perhaps that is why we got the room and breakfast almost for the price of only breakfast (damn expensive breakfast though). Anyway compared to the prices here it was an awesome deal, which we found thanks to the extremely helpful tourist information office workers we visited in the beginning. Otherwise too the people on the island are really friendly and helpful, even though not the smiliest ever.
Photos Pension de la plage
Photos Hotel Manava

The week in Tahiti was more rainy than the one in Moorea, but we didn’t mind as we had got too much sun on the first week. No matter how well you try to protect yourself, it’s hard to avoid sun burn, when you would like to stay in the sea all the time. Tahiti week was good timing for relaxing and taking advantage of free internet connection. And of course the fancy hotel was a perfect place for a honeymoon ;)
One day we rented a car and drove around the island. We didn’t quite manage to do it all during daylight, but for the parts we saw we didn’t find as awesome, clear water beach as in Moorea. The best parts must be taken by expensive hotels, and the rest is mostly good for surfing. We were surprised that Tahiti was not that touristic as we expected. Big parts of the shores are inhabited by locals, and the hotels are built one here, one there. Close by hotels there are normally no restaurant and bar areas or much any shops or activities as we are used to see in touristic places in Europe. What you can find every here and there are little kiosks selling fruits, pizzas, crepes and burgers.
Photos and Video

All good things have an end, and it’s now time to fly out. Next port of call: Noumea, New Caledonia.

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  1. 1 On March 23rd, 2009, Nea said:

    OH what a nice views! wouldn’t mind being there… especially so now that is snowing outside again and me struggling with paperwork at the office :( Our parents visited us this weekend and was nice to spend some time together. And heard that you guys bought a travelling van! or however you call that.. seems nice :) but does this mean that you netta need to do some cleaning after all? in your little house in new zealand.. ;) at least now you can say that you lived there for a while.. Tahiti seems really nice and seems that you also got some color already… if you won’t stop soon we won’t recognize you anymore once you come back… when was that exactly(btw)..? oh and sad news :( eduardo will be in austria in summer uni for whole of the summer… so now midnight sun for him. sucky.. but good of course for him. since they cover housing + and he gets lots of credits… and maybe I get to visit him there ;)

    with hugs, nea

  2. 2 On March 28th, 2009, Netta_Khrys said:


    Well our new van here is more like a normal car, but big enough to sleep in the backseats/trunk, where we have a mattress in. So not much cleaning :) The car is great, as it doesn’t look like a campervan, you can park it descreetly almost anywhere. It is comfortable to sleep in but the best thing though I guess is a sun roof, through which you can watch stars before falling asleep.
    New Zealand is soooo awesom, just my concern is that we will definitely run out of time here.. Well, cannot see everything. But sorry guys, not much time for awhile to hang around in the internet, so it might take a bit of time before next publishing.

    Congratulations for Eetu, but seriously he works too much, even through the summer..
    Hope he will have some holidays too.

    Mukavaa pääsiäisen ja kevään odotusta sinne koti-Suomeen kaikille!

    Netta ja Chris

  3. 3 On March 28th, 2009, Netta_Khrys said:

    Oh yes, sorry, we plan to come back just for next Christmas if everything goes well.
    So not too soon.. I know, it’s weird to be this brown, never been this tanned before :)

    Take care!

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