18th February 2009

Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is a huge, more european like city.
First impression of the outskirts is messy, as there is so many different kind of buildings next to each other without any organisation. It is really hot there in the summer, and on the way from the airport you could see many cars parked under trees trying to have a bit of shadow and a rest.
We got into a hostel in the city centre, as we got a recommendation for their good breakfast, and from where it was easy to walk around the city. We went around shops and sights and sent a parcel to France as our bags started to exceed allowed 20 kilos. Interesting thing was that the maximum weight for a parcel you are allowed to send to Europe was 2 kilos. And they are very strict on it.
Of course, being in Argentina we had to try the beef. We didn’t find the one kilogram steaks we had heard about, but we did have a great all-you can eat buffet, including starters, various pieces of meat and sausages from the grill, bottle of wine, and dessert, all for 12 euros. The best sirloin steak EVER was only 6 euros, in restaurant called “El Desnivel”.
Seriously, Argentina IS beef country number one! (well, Eduardo, we haven’t been to Brazil yet, so you can still beat it :) ) We are so going to miss this meat!!
And our stomach felt happy to be able to eat normally again.

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