18th February 2009

Sucre and Santa Cruz

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In order to reach next country, Argentina, we had to fly to Buenos Aires from Sucre via Santa Cruz. Bus trip to Sucre was hmm… interesting, and luckily the last in Bolivia. Big part of the roads in Bolivia are unpaved, and the buses are not the best ever. Half of the trip from La Paz to Uyuni there had hardly been any road at all, the bus was jumping so much it felt at times like it’s gonna fall down.
From Uyuni to Sucre the bus goes down from over 4000 meters to under 2000 meters, and the brakes are complaining a lot. Luckily the road wasn’t by the cliff and we got there safely. By the way the traffic in Peru and Bolivia is quite messy, they do have lanes but don’t follow them, and pass each other like crazy. Surprisingly we didn’t see many accidents, so the system must make some sense to the locals…

Sucre was the wealthiest and nicest looking city so far in Bolivia. We relaxed in an european cafe and dared even trying a good local dish, composing of beef, sausages, boiled eggs, french fries, hot paprika, cooked onions, tomatoes and mayonnaise.
We were so relaxed we got lazy and didn’t even take any pictures.

Santa Cruz is the biggest city of the country, we got a tourist tour on a taxi from and to the airport. We stayed there only because our connecting flight was next day.

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  1. 1 On May 2nd, 2010, mario said:


    my name is mario, from italy, and i’m planning a little summer holiday in bolivia.
    in order to understand how to plan it, i need to know how long it takes to go by bus from santa cruz to sucre…. I’ve already read that it was not confortable at all!!!
    then, what about santa cruz? in your opinion it merits a visit? or is just a big city…
    really thanks in advance for any reply to my email adress….


  2. 2 On June 1st, 2010, Khrys said:

    Honestly, there is so much to see at the Salar de Uyuni and La Paz, that if you have any extra day to spare, you’ll be better off staying spending it there. Sucre and Santa Cruz are of historical interest. At the end, it depends what you like most: wonderful natural landscape, or Spanish colonial style buildings ? Bus trips in general in the country are hard and you always feel like the driver plays with your life. It’s far better around Sucre, as the city is richer, they have better roads. We didn’t take the bus between Sucre and Santa Cruz, I think, or at least not that I remember.
    I wish you good luck for your trip, have fun !

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