1st February 2009

Lake Titicaca

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Good starting point for a trip to the floating islands on Lake Titicaca is the city of Puno.

Lake Titicaca is located 3821 meters above sea level on the border of Peru and Bolivia and it is the largest lake in South America.
The floating islands belong to the old Uros people (they nowadays speak Aymara). The islands and the houses on them are made entirely out of reeds. People there live by fishing, exchanging trouts for potatoes in closeby hills. They also have small guinea pig farms on their islands. Basically the only use they have for money is to build schools and a hospital from what they earn by selling souvenirs.
After 2H30 cruising, the boat then landed on Huillanopampa (a real island this time), where we spent the rest of the day. Fresh fish was awaiting us, it was so good ! A couple of local dances, some explanations about the meaning of people’s clothes colours, a few photos, and we were heading back to Puno.
There, after a good night sleep (or almost, there’s so much noise here), we took a bus to La Paz, Bolivia.

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  1. 1 On February 1st, 2009, Nea said:

    Hellou! Nice to hear from you :) We were visiting Savonlinna (me, nora and mikko) this weekend, while edu was working at home and we were wondering how you are. At least it looks nice and warm there while here we’re facing the coldest days this year. But glad about that especially cos we getting visitors today from Brazil :D Bet they are scared when they hear the temperature in the plane… hihi. They are also planning to visit at least tallin, stockholm and oslo. And savonlinna in the end as well. So gonna be busy the next three weeks. But that’s our news in a nutshell..

    Starting to get little worried about your drug using there… ;) you sure what you taking? although glad that netta didn’t suffer to much of the trip nausea. so exciting and jealous to read about your adventures there. wish I could be a little fly in your bag…

    buen viaje en Bolivia!

    xoxoxox -nea-

  2. 2 On February 7th, 2009, Martin & Päivi said:

    Wau what marvellous pictures. You seem to enjoy your time travelling. Are you sure about the directions where to go always the next day. Isn’t it confusing when you wake up in the morning to remember where you are? We finally succeeded in finalizing our big dream. I got employed by IKEA Italy and will start working there April 1st. We are heading south to Salerno only 50 km:s south from Naples. We have been there once now and will make a Look&Seek trip next week to search for an appartment and explore the area. Päivi will finish her work early june to then accompany me. I have an ongoing contract, so when we will be back, is not sure yet. please go on writing your blog so we also can enjoy your trip in our imagination at least. Best of luck on your future.
    Martin & Päivi

  3. 3 On February 8th, 2009, Netta_Khrys said:

    Congratulations Martin and Päivi!!! That’s great :)
    Following your dreams and making them come true makes life worth so much more.

    Yes, we are definitely enjoying and profiting our trip fully, living our dream.
    Every day we thank our luck that we are able to do and see all this!
    And it’s so amazing not having to calculate how many days of travel you have left.

    So far we have still remembered where we were each morning :), but especially changes in temperatures feel funny. Same day it can be over 30 C, while at night you might be freezing under five duves.

    Hugs, Netta and Chris

    Onneksi olkoon Martin ja Päivi!!! Hieno homma! :)
    Unelmien seuraaminen ja niiden toteuttaminen tekee elämästä niin paljon rikkaampaa.

    Me nautimme matkastamme täysin rinnoin, ja päivittäin ihmettelemme ja kiittelemme
    onneamme saadessamme nähdä kaikki nämä upeat paikat!
    Ja on niin ihanaa kun ei tarvitse laskeskella montako reissupäivää on vielä jäljellä. Vaikka tapoihini ei yleensä kuulu hirveästi hehkutella asioita, niin kyllä, täytyy myöntää että tämä on kerrassaan MAHTAVAA!! :)
    Vielä olemme muistaneet suunnilleen aamuisin missä milloinkin olemme :), mutta varsinkin lämpötilojen muutokset tuntuvat hassulta. Välillä lämpötila on yli 30 astetta, vaikka yöllä pitää nukkua viiden peiton alla.

    Halauksin, Netta ja Chris

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