22nd May 2008

What would be a typical Finnish day ?

I happen to visit my future in-law every now and then. Last time, since weather had improved (it wasn’t raining), we went to their mökki (summer cottage), located on an island, in a lake close to Savonlinna. You have to take a small rowing boat to get there. Temperature was around 8ºC, and rose up slowly to 15ºC in the afternoon.
We spent most of the day doing some forestry work (cleaning some wood area and chopping logs) to keep warm and be outside. At lunch, potatoes, grilled Finnish-style sausages and of course … beer :)
Back from there, we went to sauna, and in the evening, everybody was in front of the TV, to follow the most popular ice-hockey match here: Sweden – Finland (0 – 4, in case you’re interested, it was the match for the bronze during the world cup).
Everything seemed so natural to me, that I didn’t realize how typically Finnish my day had been, until someone mentioned it.
Oh my God, am I turning into a Finn ?

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