29th January 2008

New address !

Hi all and welcome !

Since I’ve been very disappointed with my previous host, I decided to host my website myself, and just use some free redirecting solution (DynDNS). It may affect the website’s speed and response time, due to my connection’s limitations (I have a 1Mb/s upload), but at least, it’s mine. Please feel free to let me know if you encounter issues browsing it.

Now, geek talk:

The server machine is a basic Mac Mini (1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM), because it doesn’t take much space, and most importantly, it doesn’t make any noise at all. Also, it looks cool :)
The OS isn’t MacOS anymore, since I had such a terrible time trying to install PHP5 on it, and because I believe the main point of having a Mac is to enjoy the GUI (not gonna happen if it is a server). Instead, I went for an easy-to-install kUbuntu: 10 min to install the OS, 3 “apt-get install” commands for AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) and 1 for SSH, and I was almost set. It then takes 5 minutes to create new database and user, and other basic stuff. Then, of course you can take your time to actually install your website content from your workplace or anywhere.

Who said Linux wasn’t “nice and easy” ?

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