4th January 2008

Oslo city

Here are a few (!) pictures we took from beautiful Oslo :

Enjoy !

What impressed us the most was the amount of nice buildings, and this funny way to put very different styles just next to each other :

Here are a few photos of Akershus fortress:

And the view from there:

Given the time of the year, of course we had a Christmas Market. It was located just behind the city hall:

Next to the city hall can be seen the Nobel Peace Center

And here is the city hall. Some legends from Nordic mythology was represented on its walls, telling about life and death of gods and giants and other monsters:

Walking back to the centre, we could see the National Theatre and facing it, a public ice ring. There again, lots of old but well-maintained buildings, including some very fancy hotels like the Grand Hotel, where the Nobel laureates stayed (at least for dinner):

Moving westward, you’ll find the University:

And further, the very impressive Victoria terrace, with the foreign affair ministry. There again, many nice buildings around, and above the clock here, it says “time goes” (I think):

The royal palace and the changing of the guard:

Still going westward, and still impressed with the buildings:

It’s around 17H, night starts to fall, we reached the Frogner Park. A lot of statues can be found here, representing family moments:

On the following day, we’ll mainly visit museums. These are located in the south-west, in Bygdøy, yet another very nice area:
I’ll perhaps add a couple of pictures from those museums later on.

To finish, here’s an idea of the landscape you’ll get from next to the Polar Expedition Museum (you can see Oslo city from here):

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