26th November 2007

Antwerp, Belgium

In Flemish, Antwerpen, in French, Anvers. This city is well known for being one of the biggest harbours in the world. As a matter of facts, it is the second biggest in Europe, after Rotterdam. It has been a very important city for the last five centuries in many ways, and despite the immense destruction suffered over various wars (and especially WWII), the city remains a pillar of trade and industry in the Benelux. It is also the capital of diamonds …
Since it is located in Belgium, you can expect excellent “chocolateries”, and not less good candy stores and biscuit shops.

There are a few historical buildings there, but not that many, since the city has been damaged many times. Unfortunately, that also means that a lot of “modern” ones were built instead.

Since my girlfriend was to spend some time there, I asked her to take some pictures :)
She didn’t find the inhabitants to be very friendly or happy to be there. Even shop owners don’t smile when you enter. You get service, but not joyful faces.

Here are a few photos :






Hello to all of you Belgium people !

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