19th October 2007

Gordon Brown, a traitor to the UK ?

The Sun, among other newspapers in the UK, has published a very hard article about Prime Minister Brown signing the Lisbon treaty. Not that I read that paper often (actually, I went there because it was mentioned somewhere else), it usually is a stack of crap, but it seemed to sum up the thoughts of many a Brit on this subject.
I have to say I don’t quite understand that kind of reaction.

“By raising his glass, the PM transformed the lavish banquet into a sordid Last Supper for Britain as an independent sovereign state.”
Well, first of all, it is time that countries in Europe stop thinking about their own small interest, and look up to bigger things. United we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall. Britain isn’t anymore the empire it used to be, nor is it powerful enough to survive alone the challenges that are to come in the next decades.

“Mr Brown will do all in his power to drive this legislation roughshod through Parliament. That will not be enough to give it legitimacy.”
To be honest, we’ve seen the result of having people vote about it, in France or the Netherlands: they don’t vote for the treaty, they vote against some politic personalities. And, as a matter of fact, I believe that for some subjects, people shouldn’t vote for what they don’t understand.. Plus, if the Parliament doesn’t give legitimacy, I wonder what you use it for … Aren’t those guys supposed to represent you all ? I know they don’t always take the best decisions. But imagine: if those few people whose job is to know about these kinds of important subjects don’t know what they vote for, do you think the rest of the people will ?

“It goes on to reject his dodgy claim that British sovereignty over fundamental rights, courts, police and welfare are protected by “red lines”.”
Well, you’re right, this is no good. Not that it is not enough. Au contraire. I believe UK should stop getting privileges on each treaty or agreements in the EU. Why would you be treated differently ? Do you think you’re worth more than the others ? more than Germans, Spanish, Greeks, Estonians ? It is time again, to step down from your imaginary pedestal ! Plus now, Polish want to get special treatments too. UK is setting bad example.

“They will be washed away by Brussels and the European court.”
I wish.

“Just as he came a cropper over his abortive election campaign, so he will live to regret breaking his promise.”
Let me remind you that “The princes who have done great things, are the ones that take little account of their promises” – Niccolo Machiavelli.

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