20th September 2007

Webcounter improvement

It’s been a while since I touched it last, but I felt sort of motivated lately.
The goal was to make a script that scans through the hits I get, and get the crawlers, spider, etc. automatically (so far, I was doing that by hand), and add those bots to the “unwanted” list I had.
I just finished it, and it added quite a few of those :) but the changes in the stats were quite small, so I guess those newly identified ones didn’t come that often.

I have another idea of improvement for the future : right now, it is so that each user has its own list for bots, spam, own hits. This would change towards a user specified list only for own hits, and I’d keep spam and bots in a different central list. I feel silly I didn’t think of it earlier :-/ Late is better than never :)

If you need a webcounter for your site, please try this one, and give me your feedback !

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