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13th September 2007

Elämä Lapselle concert and Ari Koivunen

It’s been a while I haven’t posted … All apologies ! a lot of work and even more laziness and lack of motivation lately are my excuses :-/ Don’t worry, I’m preparing a few articles.

I was at a concert tonight in Helsinki, a charity kind of concert called “Elämä Lapselle”, for an organization called Kummit. This organization helps kid in hospitals. You usually find one of those money collection boxes at the till in Finnish supermarkets. This concert happens once a year, if I got it right, and is shown on TV.
This year, my girlfriend got some tickets from her work (they sponsor the event) so we went in the famous ice hockey “Hartwall Arena” to watch it. This Teddy bear is the mascot:


I must admit I didn’t know most of the bands, since all artists are Finnish, and moreover, the concert was targeting a younger audience. But I recognized a few, since I heard their songs on the radio, and I even liked some songs, even though I don’t always get the lyrics. Songs were mainly in Finnish of course, but one or two were in German, and a few were in English.
One of those who actually impressed me was Ari Koivunen. The guy really had a voice (even if I think he should get a few years older to get the adequate voice for this), and had a good presence on the stage. You can see a video clip of his first single here. The most amazing of it, is that the guy got famous by winning the “Idols” competition … Probably the first time I can actually listen to an Idols’ song :) I remember some of the French or British winners and they s*cked so bad, I couldn’t possibly listen till the end. Well, I guess accidents happen :)

According to fans, this is the only “more commercial” song on his album, and the rest is even better. Maybe I’ll give it a try, but I’m usually not so fond of heavy metal. Have fun !

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