31st July 2007

Paris in 20 pictures

As we were visiting Paris over the National Day (14th of July) and the following day, we took a lot of pictures … I selected a few for you.

What to say about Paris that hasn’t been said before ? well, not much. I’ll pretty much confirm what people usually feel there :
– people are not too friendly (and most of them don’t speak English);
– city is expensive (but not more than Helsinki, for example, and even in the center you can find good deals);
– metro is complicated, not comfortable, and packed up (I guess it depends when you use it, but I have to admit that at least you never wait too long for it to come);
– beautiful city to visit ! but I hope I won’t ever have to live there …
– food, wine and service are very good, when you find the right places (our first try wasn’t too good though), and there is a very wide selection of restaurant types (I mean, from typical Chinese or Italian to Caribbean or Lebanese, etc.)

Alright, the pictures then :









Various notes :
– in the first photo, the restaurant was nice and not pricey, but service wasn’t good, as the waiter probably was a beginner.
– in picture 4499, I wanted to show the poor small McDonald building (nicely decorated though) in that avenue.
– Did you now that the Eiffel tower was the most photographed building in the world ?
– Notre-Dame de Paris is so huge, I had to take it in several pictures (but I published only 3)
– I was so happy to get real baguette sandwiches ! it is soooo good !!!

Check out soon for pictures of Tallin (Estonia) !

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