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28th June 2007

Martti Ahtisaari corrupted ??? I don’t think so …

And if he is, then there is no hope for this world … Common, Finland is known for being the least corrupted country in the world ! it is in Finns’ genes not to accept bribes ! Anybody who visited Finland will tell you : people here are way too honest ; they can’t even cross the street if the “small man” isn’t green !

In my opinion, it is more an attempt to decredibilize the chief negotiator, especially because the accusations look way too big and obvious. I mean, seriously, if you were to accept a bribe of few millions, would you ask to have it transfered normally to your main account ??? I don’t think so … more likely, you’ll open a nice and new one in the Caiman islands :) who are they fooling ?

Since I couldn’t find any serious source, I found this Serbian (!) site in English that sums up the accusations. But please remember that the most important, is what is written at the end :


The above report is still unconfirmed and there are no official statements. For the time being it cannot be considered as 100% valid, until more concrete details-references are made accesible to the public.

Corruption is an endemic phenomenon in the Balkans, it will be disastrous if the aforementioned report is true; for the credibility of the international community and the UN.

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