20th June 2007

Palestine …

Hamas got basically kicked out of the government, and will have to face Israel forces soon. How did we get there ?

One possibility is that it wasn’t planned, but as some might say : “It was to happen”. Palestine wasn’t getting any financial help since Hamas won the elections, putting pressure on the region, and forcing some kind of event like this one to strike out. Except that it doesn’t make sense : it is Hamas’ partisans who took control of the Gaza area, not Fatah’s … They had no reason to take control, since they were supposed to control the whole Palestine territory through their government.

What happens now looks soooo convenient to (almost) everybody, I cannot help but think this was all planned ahead … Hamas was tricked, forced to take the arms and the highly risky step of openly rebelling, making them an easy target for international criticism. And now that they “control” a determined area (Gaza), they are more easily identifiable, and attackable. Of course, Abbas gets international support, including of USA and Israel, the least being ready to strike anytime soon.

I’m not fan of Hamas. Really not. I just think they haven’t been given a fair chance (after all, they won the elections). And these recent events were, in my opinion, so easy to tell ahead, like in a bad movie, when you know in the first 10 minutes who is the murderer. Of course, western countries (and Abbas) weren’t to wait for the next elections. Of course, Hamas couldn’t get flexible and recognize Israel. Of course Israel wouldn’t recognize them either (Hamas as the ruling party, and Palestine as a state), of course the Quartet wouldn’t give them a chance and hold all subventions. Of course.

Now, I’d like to know. In the next Palestine elections, will the ruling party finally be democratically elected (by the Quartet) ?

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