20th May 2007

Encore sur la route …

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I just came back from a trip in what Finnish people call “middle Europe” … We have been visiting the Schwarzwald (Black Forest, Germany), south Alsace (north-east France), Konstanz (south Germany) and its area (north Switzerland), Vaduz (Liechtenstein), the Tyrol (west Austria), the Neuschwanstein castle (south Germany), and Salzburg (Austria).

Hectic trip, especially in a week time, but it was a truly amazing one, with breathtaking landscapes, varied and excellent food, wine and beer. Wonderful !

I hope those humble pictures can give a slight idea how great it was :)

Baden-Baden, DE, city center   Baden-Baden, DE, cute old couple with their car   Baden-Baden, DE
Schwarzwald, DE   Schwarzwald, DE   Alsace, FR, vineyards
Alsace, FR, terrasse with view over the valley   Konstanz, DE   Vaduz, LI
Tyrol, AT, gates   Tyrol, AT, valley   Tyrol, AT, river
Tyrol, AT, schlosse   Tyrol, AT, breakfast   Tyrol, AT, peaceful lake
Tyrol, AT, when the trees try to grow bigger than the mountains   Neuschwanstein castle, DE, view from the mountain   Alpen Strasse, DE, blue river
Alpen Strasse, DE, blue lake   Salzburg, AT, Mirabell Garten   Salzburg, AT, city center

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