7th May 2007

French and politics

Remark from my girlfriend while seeing some pictures of the Place de la Concorde in Paris, looking like an evening of victory in a soccer world cup : “It’s funny how your people are celebrating the new president … I mean, here, nobody goes in the streets after the presidential elections …”

Good remark … I wonder in how many countries people do that. Probably not many. Some possible reasons ?
Perhaps because we like being in the streets for no reasons :) Perhaps because in France, people like politics more than in other countries ? Perhaps because, every time, they believe in the new one as in a new messiah, even though tomorrow they will admit that nothing will change … Perhaps because president has more power here than in most democratic countries, at least in Europe ?

I prefer to think that people manifest their luck of being in a country where you can elect your leader, since not all the countries in the world can do it :)

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