9th December 2006

Suomen Itsenäisyyspäivä

It was on the 6th of December, and it was a day off. But this year, while others were enjoying a rest and some warm Glöggi perhaps, I was doing overtime and drinking strong coffee … Too much work these two past week !
Luckily it is Friday evening, and I finished all that work … Plans were so that I might have had to work also on Saturday !

I also finished my Finnish course last Thursday, and we had a test … It was quite tough, at least to my friends and me. It’s been 3 months of it, so it feels quite weird when it ends. I plan to go to the next level (fortunately, passing the exam isn’t actually required, but strongly advised), and that’s it. That’ll be level 3, and I think it’ll be enough rules to help me progress with my vocabulary on the go. I must admit the course went fast, too fast for me, but it was quite good, and I learnt a lot. I will probably have to practice more in the meanwhile, since it is what I’m missing the most (together with vocabulary), to understand and remember what I learnt so far.

My projects so far on this site, are to improve the WebCounter setting page, making the “tour” pages and the doc. Yeah, the boring part. I’ll keep you informed :)

Nothing to do with the rest, but I’d like to mention that there is a new TV channel called France24, with broadcasts in French, English,  and soon in Arabic. Website is already available in the three languages.

That’s it for today, bye !

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