24th November 2006

Akismet mod for Khrys WebCounter

I made it ! or at least it looks like it’s working …
I’ve edited the Akismet WordPress plug-in (remember ? Akismet prevents spammers from leaving stupid comments on your WordPress powered blog) so that it calls a page of mine and update this list of spam IPs I keep for each WebCounter user. It is quite transparent. When I tried it, I had this (sadly) familiar list of blocked spams on the Akismet plug-in page, and (as usual) clicked on “Delete All”. I then check my own spam IP list on the WebCounter page, and saw an addition of few lines there, as a result.
I haven’t checked yet how things go when people don’t use the “Delete All” button, and spams are deleted automatically after 2 weeks, but I’m quite confident.
I will see later if I can make a more direct way. It would help resolve another one of my issues, but I fear it might put a big load on their server. At least, we have a working tool now :)

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